Free Apps in a Snap: Pic Collage

For today’s Free Apps in a Snap, I’m sharing several different ways I’ve used Pic Collage in the classroom.

Pic Collage is a free app that has everything you need to create amazing collages with pictures from your device.  There are lots of fun stickers, backgrounds, and templates to choose from, and kids love it!  

Pic Collage is great for your visual and hands-on learners because students can take pictures of things in real life and create a collage.  For example, during a grammar unit, my students went around the room taking pictures of various parts of speech.  They had fun labeling and even acting-out different verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

We’ve also used it in math to label different shapes, lines, angles, and more.  I’ve even printed out collages to use as reference posters for my students.

Pic Collage also works well for some of the more abstract math concepts, like place value and addition/subtraction strategies. 

Since we were 1:1, I would sometimes use Pic Collage as an informal assessment tool.  For example, this expanded form collage was an assignment that I had my second graders turn in to me via Showbie.  Even if you’re not 1:1, you can easily have your students save a Pic Collage to their camera roll for you to assess later.

Here’s an example of one of the fun stickers that Pic Collage offers in their free collection.  We used these while learning about the flip-flop addition strategy in math.

With Pic Collage, the possibilities are endless!  Feel free to share in the comments how you have used Pic Collage in your classroom.  And be sure to like my Facebook page to see more Free Apps in a Snap. :) 

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