Free Telling Time Apps for the iPad

Telling time can be an extremely difficult concept for primary students to grasp.  Luckily, there are some amazing iPad apps out there that make learning to tell time more engaging and interactive.  Today I’m sharing my favorites, which all happen to be free. 
Free Telling Time Apps for the iPad
Interactive Telling Time Lite offers two engaging games—Set the Time and Stop the Clock.  For Set the Time, students move the hands on the analog clock to show the designated time.  Stop the Clock is my students’ favorite because they enjoy the suspense of waiting for the clock hands to get to the perfect position for them to press the stop button.  This app can be played at various difficulty levels and students are motivated to keep playing because of the virtual aquarium where they get to redeem their prizes.

Tell Time: Little Matchups requires students to match analog clocks and digital clocks.  The matchups get progressively harder as the students get better at matching the clocks. 

Math Tappers: Clock Master is a fun and simple app that offers various modes and difficulty levels so students can learn at their own pace.  In the picture below, my student is selecting the digital time based on the time shown on the analog clock.  The other mode requires students to move the hands on the analog clock to match the time shown on the digital clock.

Telling Time Quiz is a fun game for which students choose the analog clock that matches the time shown in words.  It starts out with time to the hour and gets progressively harder as students master and unlock each level. 

Time Teacher Lite offers a variety of activities such as: matching an analog and digital clock, setting the time on a digital clock based on the analog clock shown, and moving the hands on an analog clock based on the digital clock shown.  When students take a quiz, they can earn trophies as well as puzzle pieces to complete a hidden picture.
In addition to these engaging apps, my students had a blast working around the room on THIS telling time QR code scavenger hunt.
They also worked on THESE time to the hour/half QR code task cards as well as THESE time to the nearest 5 minutes QR code task cards.


  1. We love QR codes! They are in my cart ready for when we are done with conferences this week. Thanks for your hard work! Lots of new telling time apps I haven't heard about. Can't wait to try them out! Jackie

  2. My students are going to LOVE these apps! Thanks!

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