Free Place Value Apps and Activities for iPads

We recently wrapped up our place value unit and I finally have time to blog about some of my favorite FREE apps and activities we used throughout the unit.  
Free Place Value Apps
Number Duel is a fun and simple app for practicing greater than/less than.  Students tap the larger number to score a point—with the goal being to score 21 points.  They lose three points for every wrong answer, which encourages them to take their time and focus on accuracy.  My students that needed an extra challenge played the version with sums rather than just numbers.

The Number Math app covers several skills including greater than/less than, before/after, missing number, arrange in order, rounding, and skip counting.  The feature I like most about this app is that it can be customized depending on your students’ abilities.  For example, the student in the picture below is playing “Missing Number” with two-digit numbers.  I was able to have my higher students play this same game with three-digit numbers right away. 

For the Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory app, students must ship and deliver cookies to their customers as fast as possible.  The cookies are sold by ones, stacks of ten, or in boxes of 100.  Students look at the number in the upper left and tap the correct number of cookies to match the order.  The counting version was perfect when we were starting out, but some students moved onto the addition version (pictured below), which helps build the foundation for multi-digit addition.

Even though we haven’t gotten into the thousands, I really like the Math Bugs app.  Students create bugs with the specified number of wings, antennae, etc. based on the place value of the given digits.  There’s no pressure of a time limit and my kiddos love collecting gold coins when they answer correctly. 

Math Slide is super engaging and can be played with up to four players at a time.  Because we love a little friendly competition in my classroom, this app is our current favorite.  Students slide tiles to the center to match the answer, equation, or image (i.e. base 10 blocks or number line).  The player that slides all of their tiles first wins.  There are 10 different games within this app and games 1 and 10 can be played an unlimited number of times using the free version.  (The skills for each of the 10 games are listed in the iTunes Description here.)

I know I’ve mentioned my love for Popplet on here before, but this was my first time using it in math.  My students chose a number to build with base ten blocks and took a picture of it.  
Then I had them create “popples” of their number in standard, expanded, and word form.  I think it was helpful for them to have a visual of the various ways to represent a number all in one place. 

In addition to all of these engaging apps, we had ourselves a little QR code fun as well.  My kiddos had a blast with this FREE base 10 block QR code scavenger hunt. 

They also had a blast with my new Blasting Off With Place Value Centers.
And in case you missed it, I recently blogged about our mystery number interactive QR code bulletin board we completed last week.  You can grab the free template by clicking on my original post here. 
Update: I now have a new set of place value task cards in a digital format that you can use with Google Classroom. Check it out here.


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