My Favorite Free Addition Apps Plus a New Addition QR Code Freebie!

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite FREE iPad apps for practicing addition.  We are so fortunate to have 1:1 iPads in our second grade classroom this year and I’m really happy with our transition from laptops to iPads.  My list keeps growing, but here are some of my favorite addition apps we’ve been using so far this year…
Free Addition Apps
Find Sums is an amazing app for addition number sense.  In the picture you can see that my girls are choosing addends to make a particular sum.  There are two different modes—one with apples in a ten frame so the empty spaces can easily be counted, and another with a simple part-part-whole model.  I love that I can differentiate with this app! 

Butterfly Math Addition is another great app for fundamental addition concepts.  It has verifying levels for each of the concepts.  My students love catching and releasing the butterflies to model addition problems.   

For the Addition Under Sea Adventures app, students solve addition problems to reveal parts of a hidden secret picture.  Each level has a different secret picture to uncover and it gets progressively harder.  The ultimate goal is to unlock all of the pictures and reach the final level.

Sushi Monster is probably the most-requested app by my kiddos.  It’s an engaging and challenging app for practicing addition as well as multiplication.  The kids love feeding the monster numbered plates of sushi and think it’s hilarious when he throws plates for incorrect answers.

Finally, I could not live without QR code scanning apps like i-nigma because we do so many QR code centers in math.  QR codes are so engaging and helpful in providing students with immediate feedback while I’m busy meeting with guided groups.  For the past couple of weeks we’ve been using my camping-themed addition and subtraction QR code centers, and they’ve been a big hit! 

If you haven’t tried QR codes yet with your students, I would highly recommend it!  You can try them out with this FREE “Scan the Room” addition activity. 

I like to get my kids up and moving around during math, so I taped the cards around my classroom for them to solve.  After students complete an addition problem, they scan the QR code to see if they got the answer correct.  Here are two of my boys working hard on this freebie center. 

What are YOUR favorite addition apps?  I’m always looking for new ones!:)


  1. Thanks for the freebie and app suggestions- very helpful! I've been wanting to try QR codes with my first graders!
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

  2. I just got 14 iPad minis so I'm looking for great math apps and I've been disappointed so far. I will definitely try out your suggestions. I also love QR codes and we have at least one QR station a day.
    On the Go Teacher Mama