My First Week of Second Grade

Whew!  I made it through my first week and I’m officially a primary teacher again.  I say this every time I change grade levels, but I really think second grade is my new favorite grade.:)  I have an amazing class of only 19 kiddos this year.  I’ve always had 27 or 28, so this is a real treat for me.. even though I know it most likely won’t last. 

This year, each of my second graders will have their very own iPad to use all day at school, and they will even have the option to take it home each night.  I thought this door display would be fitting to welcome people into our 1:1 iPad classroom.  I just love the adorable iPad graphics by my friend Kate and the cute letter clipart by the amazing Megan Favre. 

After going over our technology expectations, the first thing I had my kiddos do with their iPads was take a selfie and set it as their wallpaper.  This way, the students will be able to easily tell which iPad is theirs.

We started doing some math review centers, and I was even able to throw in some QR code activities since most of my students had experience using them.  Several of my students had Amanda from Learning to the Core last year as their teacher, so they were excited to hear that they’d be using QR codes a lot in second grade.  Here they are working on a true/false addition sort from my QRazy for QR Codes pack. 

Since I plan on using QR code scavenger hunts for most of the math skills I teach, I wanted to get my students used to the format early on.  Here’s one of my boys working hard on an addition/subtraction hunt. 

In reading, we’ve been working on building our stamina during Daily 5.  I was super excited to introduce my kiddos to our QR code listening center.  

I made the center into a bulletin board that I will change out every so often with new stories.  Students walk up to the board, scan a QR code, and listen to the story at their seat or on the carpet.  I also plan on having them fill out a response sheet each time they listen to a story.

You can check out this listening center pack in my TpT store.  It comes with 40 stories, a listening center sign, and four generic response sheets that work with any fictional story. 

All in all, it was very successful first week back at school.  The highlight of my week, however, was standing up as Matron of Honor in my BFF’s wedding.  Here I am with the teeny-tiny, gorgeous bride.  
Now I'm off to spend the rest of my Sunday relaxing and resting up for another busy week of second grade!  I hope everyone's having a smooth start to their school year.:)   


  1. AWW, I'm so glad you had a great week! Little ones are so fun and that class number!? Talk about a dream!!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. How great that you have all that technology. Being one to one will really open up opportunities for your students and for your be even more creative with tools you use with it. I LOVE the reading center idea with the QR codes. The door to the classroom just too cute!

  3. Your classroom is just so full of fun already!!! Love it!
    Miss you!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core

  4. Your classroom looks awesome! I just moved to 2nd grade this year too from 1st grade, so I will be excited to see all of your fun ideas. I loved QR codes last year but have not made my own yet. You will keep me motivated this year to stay on top of QR, but will probably buy from you. Learning to the Core was also a great source for me in 1st. Thanks again, Jackie