Math and Writing Fun with Doodle Buddy App

It’s our second week of second grade and we’ve been working hard at getting our center routine down while reviewing various concepts.  I wanted to pop in and share an engaging and practical app called Doodle Buddy that we’ve already used a few times in centers. 

Our first math unit deals with writing addition number sentences, so I had my kiddos use Doodle Buddy to create their own picture representations of joining two groups together.  The Doodle Buddy app has all sorts of fun stamps to choose from and the kids can doodle their addition sentence right underneath their picture.  Here are a couple examples.

We also used Doodle Buddy in conjunction with Katie King’s Convention Camp centers to review writing complete sentences.  (Side note: Even though we’re 1:1, I feel it’s still important for children to write with pencil/paper every day.)  
My students chose a stamp and then typed a sentence about it, making sure it had the components of a “Spectacular Sentence."

I love that this app has both a doodle and a text feature.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that it’s FREE!


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  2. Anytime you can incorporate visuals to support student learning is a great lesson and strategy to enhance learning. Looks like Doodle Buddy is a nice app for that!