What I’ve Been Up to and Technology Linky Coming Soon!

Well hello there, friends!  Happy summer vacation!  I apologize for being so absent from this blog lately, but I needed to take a little break from all things school-related.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I recently took a trip to beautiful Napa Valley with my hubby.  It was nice to spend some quality time together without all the crazy distractions here at home.  
We visited several vineyards and tasted lots of yummy wine.  We shipped back several bottles, and I already informed my friends and family that we will NOT be sharing.;)
Other than our vacation, it’s been a pretty low-key summer so far.  I’ve been slowly getting back into the creating mode again and prepping for my move to second grade.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the extra time I have to spend with my friends and family, and of course these pretty ladies.  
That’s Amanda and Aylin from Learning to the Core.  We are excited to announce that the three of us will be hosting another Tune into Technology linky party this summer.  It will be every Tuesday in July starting next Tuesday, the 8th! 
Clipart by Teaching Super Power and Ashley Hughes
The weekly themes are listed on the button for those of you who like to plan ahead.:)  You can check out some of the amazing posts from the bloggers who linked up last year below.

We hope you will come back Tuesday and link up with us!:)


  1. Woohoo, glad you are back, glad the linky is back, glad you are prepping for Grade 2.
    Okay, I guess I am also happy that you had a great vacation and some time to unwind : )

  2. YAAAAAAAAAY all around! I'm excited for this to start back too! So glad you had a great time on your vacation.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has to share. The perfect summer time link and learn!