Tune into Technology Linky: Integrating Technology into Reading

Welcome to our second annual Tune into Technology linky series!  Every Tuesday for the month of July we will be sharing how we integrate technology in our classrooms.  The button below lists the themes for each week so you can plan ahead.  We will leave all four linkups open until August 5th, so if you miss one you can always link up later.  You can use the InLinkz tool at the bottom of this post or link up at Learning to the Core—it all goes to the same place.  This week’s linky is all about READING, and we can’t wait to see what everyone has to share!:)
Clipart by Teaching Super Power and Ashley Hughes

I’m a big fan of integrating current event articles into my reading instruction, and my two favorite online websites for this are Tween Tribune and News ELA.  What I especially love about News ELA is that you can change the reading level of the articles by clicking a specific Lexile level (as you can see on the right side).  This way, my entire class can read and respond to an article with the same content and be successful. 

During reader’s workshop—whether we’re reading an online article, a mentor text, or our own independent books—I really love having my students respond online before our whole-class discussion/share time.  One of my favorite sites for responding to reading is Padlet.  I will set up a wall using my personal account and pose some type of question or task, then link it to my classroom website.  Students don’t need their own login to type on my wall.  I just have mine type their names above their response, and they show up in real-time.

The screen shot above shows a Padlet wall of my students’ literal vs. inferential questions from their independent reading.  One of the reasons I like to do these response activities online is so that my students can get ideas from one another and my struggling readers can have a model of what the reading strategy should look like.

Here’s another Padlet wall of examples of figurative language my students found during their independent reading time.
You can check out my previous posts on how I use ChatStep and Today’s Meet in a similar manner for reading response. 
Kidblog is another website we use a lot for responding to reading, and my kids even posted their lit circle jobs on their blogs.  Here they are having their lit circle meeting.
The last idea I want to share with you is our “Books in the Spotlight” bulletin board that stayed up all year in our classroom library.  My students used either iMovie or Photobooth to create book trailers about a book from our classroom library.  We used QR codes attached to a picture of the book cover to display them.  Students could come up to the bulletin board with an iPad and scan the code to get a good book recommendation from one of their peers.  Every couple of months we switched out the books so there was always excitement over finding new books.


  1. I always love your bulletin boards!! And Padlet looks like such a great reading response tool!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core

  2. Well dang--you stole my topics. I was going to use three of those suggestions :( I'm glad I stopped in here first.

    Seriously though, I love tween tribune--really easy to use and great articles. I'm just been working it NewsELA and that is fabulous too!


    1. Yeah...what Matt said. I love, love, love Tween Tribune too! I tried Padlet out this year too and my kids enjoyed it. I'm going to hop into next week for the link-up.
      Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I LOVE that interactive bulletin board! I'm going to swipe that! I'm also really liking your use of Padlet. I drive myself crazy with setting up classroom accounts and remembering all of the different usernames. Ah! How easy do you think it would be for my students to respond using iPads?
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. We have been doing a "Tech Tuesday" this summer also! Too funny! We linked up our post on iPod listening centers. :-)

  5. Love how you used Padlet!!! GREAT IDEA!!!

    Hodges Herald

  6. I love that you use Padlet:) It is such an awesome collaboration tool!

    Technology Timeout