Nonfiction Text Structures

For much of January we’ve been focusing on identifying text structure in nonfiction text (CC anchor standard #5).  I took my time reviewing one type of structure at a time so my kids could get a good grasp on each one.  Here they are during reader’s workshop with varying levels of animal books looking for problem/solution situations. 

I’ve found that animal books are great for teaching text structure since they usually include most of the structures—especially problem/solution and description.  Plus the kids love learning about animals!

Since we recently studied the human body in science, I created this text structure sorting activity to integrate a little science into our reading block.

As I was brainstorming ideas for a culminating project, I came across this post by Teaching with a Mountain View and just tweaked her idea a bit.  I let my kids choose any topic that they could write information about (most of them chose animals).  Their task was to write very short passages about their topic using each of the structures we studied.  They used books in our classroom library as well as some online resources to do their research.   

The kids decided that Prezi would be cool way to display their information and share with each another.  They ended up doing a fantastic job with this project and loved presenting their Prezis on the SMART Board.  Here are a couple of theirs.

Now that my kiddos have had the experience of writing using each structure, they’re much better at identifying text structure in their own independent reading.


  1. Kristin,
    I for real want to spend a week in your class! You make learning so fun and I bet I could learn a million things from you! Your students are so lucky to have such a creative teacher!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I completely agree with Alison's comment above! Kristin, would you mind two extra students for a week or two??
    Short and Sassy Teacher