Resources and FREEBIES for Introducing Fractions and Filling in the CCSS Gaps

As we continue to transition to the Common Core State Standards, I’m noticing the largest gaps for my students lie in the fractions domain.  Fourth grade is a huge year for fractions and the kids are lacking the conceptual foundations that the CCSS expect them to have at this stage.  Obviously, this is to be expected for the next couple years and we will need to take the necessary time to fill in the gaps.  In the meantime, I’m going to share with you some resources that have helped me get started on fractions. 

I always try to start with a solid foundation in finding factors and multiples as well as identifying prime/composite numbers.  This foundation is crucial when it comes time for comparing/making equivalent fractions as well as simplifying fractions.  We used task cards and a Bump game to practice finding factors and multiples.  Here’s a FREE prime/composite number sort my students also completed during centers.

My kiddos were fairly good at identifying fractions with models, but fractions on a number line was a different story. . So I created this FREE Bump game.

I also created these Surfing on the Number Line with Fractions task cards to practice identifying fractions on a number line as well as generating equivalent fractions using a number line. 

This online game was also a pretty huge hit:

Since this group of kiddos loves to be up and about, I created this Scan the Room pack to review important fraction concepts before break.  My Solve the Room pack is identical—just without QR codes.:)

Here they are practicing identifying fractions in a set using Scan the Room.

Soon after we come back from break, we'll do this FREE simplifying fractions activity I posted about last year.


  1. My school isn't at 1:1 yet, but I know our state is heading in that direction!! I love your resources :)


  2. Loving all of your fraction resources, Kristin! I'm about to go pin crazy! <3
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  3. Thank you for the resources! These are fabulous and will be super helpful for my centers as I start teaching fractions next week.

  4. Wowza! Thanks for all the great resources!! I am curious what QR reader you are using there. I like how the text is written on paper like that...if you don't mind sharing, I'd really appreciate it!

    1. Thanks, Kristin. I use to create all my QR codes.

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  6. Hi Kristin! my students loved your Primate Composite Number QR sort. Gave you some blog love yesterday! Thank you so much