All New Product, Freebie, and Giveaway

Meg @ The TeacherStudio is having an “All New” giveaway with some amazing prizes!  I am giving away $10 worth of products from my TpT store—winner’s choice!  Click the image to see the other prizes and enter the Rafflecopter.

The “All New” product I’m featuring is my Vocabulary Activity Cubes With QR Codes.  I cannot wait to start using these this week with my 4th graders to make vocabulary practice more meaningful and engaging.  I will be placing them in a center with an iPad during reader’s workshop.  Students simply roll and scan one of the cubes to reveal an activity to complete using their vocabulary lists.  This product can be used with any word list!  Click HERE or on the image below to check it out on TpT.

I also have an “All New” freebie for you—Roll a Writing Prompt Cube With QR Codes.  This one can also be placed in a center with a device that reads QR codes.  Students roll the cube and scan it to reveal a fun writing prompt.  I hope your kiddos love it!


  1. You always make the best QR code activities, Kristin!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. You do make the best QR code products and fabulous freebies. I know that you have posted this info before - but do you think you can tell me which program you use to generate QR codes - I want one that I can use with my students for a little project we are starting - sorry for being so needy : )