Animal Adaptations Science Center Using Augmented Reality

This week we went on a field trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo downtown Chicago.  As we walked around the various exhibits, I made sure to get some good pictures and videos of the animals.  
Once we were back at school, I used the Aurasma app on my iPad to set up this interactive bulletin board/science center.  Each animal's picture triggers a video I took while at the zoo.  The students' task was to watch the videos on the iPads via augmented reality and record the adaptations (physical and/or behavioral) they observed.  As a challenge/extension, they could write an essay comparing and contrasting two of the animals' habitats.

Click the video below to see a couple of the auras in action.

All New Product, Freebie, and Giveaway

Meg @ The TeacherStudio is having an “All New” giveaway with some amazing prizes!  I am giving away $10 worth of products from my TpT store—winner’s choice!  Click the image to see the other prizes and enter the Rafflecopter.

The “All New” product I’m featuring is my Vocabulary Activity Cubes With QR Codes.  I cannot wait to start using these this week with my 4th graders to make vocabulary practice more meaningful and engaging.  I will be placing them in a center with an iPad during reader’s workshop.  Students simply roll and scan one of the cubes to reveal an activity to complete using their vocabulary lists.  This product can be used with any word list!  Click HERE or on the image below to check it out on TpT.

I also have an “All New” freebie for you—Roll a Writing Prompt Cube With QR Codes.  This one can also be placed in a center with a device that reads QR codes.  Students roll the cube and scan it to reveal a fun writing prompt.  I hope your kiddos love it!

Augmented Reality Biography Projects

Ever since reading this post by Erin Klein (one of my techie idols), I’ve been itching to try augmented reality with my fourth graders.  We recently completed a biography unit for which my students researched famous Americans and wrote five paragraph biographical essays.  They attached a photo to their essays to serve as the “trigger” for their auras.
My tech coach then came in to help us set up accounts using the free app Aurasma.  She also recorded videos of each of my students speaking in the first person about their famous American.  Although I didn’t require it, many of them dressed up and went to town portraying their character.  After uploading the videos and taking a picture of the “trigger” image, Mona helped my kiddos join them together to complete their auras. 

Click the video below to see the Barack Obama aura in action.

Here is one of my sweeties that totally got into character with Salvador Dali. 

In addition to Erin Klein, Two Guys and Some iPads have some great AR information and ideas on their blog if you’re looking to try it out for yourself.

I hope to share some new augmented reality projects with you very soon!