Tried it Tuesday- Thinglink

It's been too long since I've linked up with my friend Holly for her Tried it Tuesday.  We've been studying cells in science and I had a worksheet of a plant cell ready to be copied and labeled by my students today.  But at the last minute I remembered some interesting posts I'd read lately about Thinglink, a website that lets you tag images and make them interactive.

So we quickly and easily set up Thinglink accounts and uploaded an image we found online of a plant cell.  Then we located and labeled the different parts with brief definitions for each.  I love that in addition to text, you can also tag a hyperlink.  For our chloroplasts, we tagged a video from Studyjams that explains how photosynthesis works.

Now, instead of a boring worksheet, my kiddos each have their own interactive visual of a plant cell to reference.  This is why I love technology.

Feel free to check out one of my kiddos' Thinglink below.

Resources for Rounding Numbers (Plus a Freebie)

We are wrapping up our place value unit this week and I wanted to share some resources I used for teaching rounding.  This year I’ve been having my students glue QR codes onto specific pages of their interactive notebooks so they can easily access Learn Zillion videos at home.  The videos are also linked to my classroom website for those without iPads/smart phones at home.  Here’s a link to a great Learn Zillion video I found on rounding numbers.

I also keep a running list of practice links that my kiddos can access at school as well as at home.  You can check out some great rounding links on Sheppard Software hereThis Rounding Sharks game was definitely a favorite in my room.  IXL also has a great rounding link.

We’ve also been using my rounding task cards, Bump game, and new Roll it, Scan it, Round it center

Here is a FREE I Spy Rounding activity that my kids had a blast with.  They go around the room rounding the numbers on the sunglasses and scanning the QR codes to self-check their work.  Enjoy!

Place Value: Reading and Writing Multi-digit Whole Numbers (Freebies)

For the past three weeks, my 4th graders have been working hard on place value concepts.  I’m thankful that my district’s pacing guide devotes a full month to place value because based on my students' pre-assessments, I knew I’d need to spend a lot of time deepening their number sense.

We started with reading and writing multi-digit whole numbers in word form.  Since this has been a struggle for my students in the past, I created this foldable for our interactive math notebooks.  (Click the image to grab it for free.) 

I had them fill in the names of each place value column and we reviewed the place value periods.  Then we wrote our example number on the foldable and practiced reading the numbers one period at a time while keeping the other flaps folded down.  This made it less overwhelming since the largest number they had to read at one time was only 3 digits at the most.

My students had a blast practicing reading large numbers into Garage Band.  Check out my post from last year to see how we did this activity and to grab the freebie.  

If you’re looking for more place value interactive notebook pages and resources, be sure to check out my newest pack on TpT.

I’ll be back soon to share more ideas and freebies for teaching place value concepts.