July Currently

I can’t believe it’s time to link up for Farley’s July Currently!  Summer, please don’t go too quickly!  Okay, mine are all pretty self-explanatory so I’ll talk about my blogging tips/tricks.  My #1 tip is to be original and blog about things you’re passionate about—not just the trendy things everyone else is blogging about.  Like Farley said, it shows in your writing if you’re trying to force it.  That goes for your TpT products as well.  Create original products that excite you and your students.  My best-sellers are always my students’ faves and it’s important to see them in action before posting them to TpT.

I also think it’s important to be genuine—not just in your posts, but in your comments as well.  Joining linky parties has helped me connect with other bloggers with whom I have similar interests/passions.  If you are passionate about technology, feel free to join the weekly summer linky party I’m co-hosting with Learning to the Core.  I’ve gotten so many fresh ideas and found some amazing new bloggers to follow from this past week’s linkup.  You can check out the weekly themes on our button below and decide if you’re interested in linking up.  We’d love to hear your techie ideas!


  1. Super cute blog! I found you from Farley's linky party, and I'm your newest follower. Enjoy your date night!

  2. My house is messy too. I guess it's because the boys are actually here during the day to make more mess... and cooking lunch at home doesn't help either. Have a great day!
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  4. I to am struggling with doing laundry and house cleaning. I have a cat and a dog so I think they add to the mess :) Good luck and have a fun date night.
    Kristy @ 2 Peas and a Dog Teaching Blog

  5. Hi Kristin I found your blog through the Currently linky & I love that it correlates to technology like how you incorporated technology into the Daily 5, so fantastic. Happy to be a new follower.


  6. You are so right about creating things YOU use. Otherwise, really, what's the point?? :-P
    ideas by jivey
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  7. I just love your tips & tricks! I've learned so much about others and gotten ideas for my little friends by participating and reading lots of link ups-- they really make blogging life even more fun! Also- so important to be original & genuine!
    I heart summer :)
    Learning to the Core

  8. I love your blog! I'm so glad I can continue to follow you through Bloglovin! My school is lucky enough to be going 1:1 next year and I am SO excited! So I'm glad when I find blogs about incorporating technology! Good advice, I love linky parties so people can find my blog and I can connect with other teachers! So much fun!

    Hope you enjoyed date night! :)
    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers

  9. I was already a follower, but your blog design is so stinkin' cute! One thing I'm liking about BlogLovin' is that I get to see the blog in its true format while I'm reading!

    Loving the technology linky party! This is the first week I'm diving back into blogging since school ended (I needed time to recover--haha), but I definitely want to participate!


    Teach On.


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