Fourth Grade Common Core Assessment Binder and Updates to my Task Cards

One of my main priorities for the new school year is to be better about assessing my students.  Implementing the new Common Core State Standards had been somewhat of a daunting task this past year, but now that I have a good handle on them, I decided to make a 4th grade Common Core math assessment binder.  I’ve been working on it for quite some time and am so happy to finally have it finished and uploaded to TpT!

This product is organized by the 5 domains with a cover page for each one to make it easy to organize the assessment binder.

Included in each domain is:

-One pre-assessment and one post-assessment for each standard WITH answer keys.  All assessments are one page with four questions, which makes them easy to grade and calculate percentage/progress.

-A list of the standards with a teacher notes section.

-A class data-tracking sheet where you can input the scores for each pre and post assessment.

Also, a quick update about my task cards…

I have added a one-page (6 question) assessment and answer key to every single one of my task card sets (except the bundles).  These can be used at a center when students have completed the task cards or later in the week for a quiz grade. 

For example, if you purchase my factors and multiples task cards (QR or regular), this assessment and answer key will be included in the download.

*If you have previously purchased any of my task cards, be sure to download the updated versions for free under My Purchases.


  1. I LOVE these and have a similar goal next year too. I especially love the data tracking sheet! Great for conferencing. These will be in my shopping cart!
    Fancy Free in Fourth


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