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Since I’m currently enjoying my long-awaited Spring Break in my happy place (Breckenridge, Colorado), my friends Aylin and Amanda are guest blogging for me today.  But first, I want to give a quick shout out about my friend Kate’s giveaway, which is going on right now.  You can win any item from my TpT store along with several other awesome prizes, so be sure to check it out.

Guest Blog Post

Hi it's Aylin and Amanda from Learning to the Core!  Amanda teaches first grade and Aylin is a reading specialist who works with our kindergarteners and first graders.  We are so excited to guest blog on one of our favorite blogs!   Just like Kristin, we teach in 1:1 classrooms and love using the iPads and Macbooks that we have available to us.  

Today we wanted to share with you our....  

Top 3 Reasons Why We Love using Technology in our Classrooms!

1.  Differentiation
In the past, we have tried to get students working at their own ability level but have struggled with the management of it.  Now, each student has the opportunity to work at his/her own pace and level by using a combinations of iPads and laptops as a tool to learn.  

2. Engagement
In the past, it was difficult to keep students on task for the entire center time.  Now,  students stay engaged because they are excited to learn in a new way!  
3.  Instant Feedback
In the past, we faced the challenge as teachers of recognizing who understands new concepts and who is struggling.   As well as students not realizing when that they are practicing a skill incorrectly.  Now, the computer instantly provides feedback and can reteach a concept to help children be more successful.  

For more specific ideas on how to integrate technology into your classroom please visit us at Learning to the Core!  

Have a great day! 
Aylin and Amanda
Learning to the Core

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