Technology Linky

Even though I’m super late to this party, I still really wanted to link up with Nikki from Sent From My iPad for her technology linky

My #1 must-have app is the Raz Kids app, which I use daily in guided reading.  I absolutely love their selection of nonfiction books and my kids seem so much more engaged just because they get to read on the iPads.  Go figure!
I have recently become fascinated with QR codes and have had my students completing QR code task cards in math centers.  My kids have always enjoyed task cards, but now that I put QR codes on them, they are OBSESSED and keep begging me to do them.  I love that they are able to self-check their answers with the iPads and get immediate feedback.  Here's one of my girls checking her work with the QR scanner app.

These are the task cards I have completed so far if anyone’s interested.  Clicking the images will take you to my store.  I am hoping to make more in the coming weeks since we have so many skills to review this time of year!

Here are my top 5 pieces of technology I couldn’t live without:
1. My Android cell phone
2. My MacBook Air (and my students’ MacBooks since we’re on them constantly)
3. My SMARTBoard
4. Our classroom iPads
5. My camera

The newest Web 2.0 tool I’ve tried and loved is Make Believe Comix.  My friend Kate wrote a post about this site back in June that inspired me to try it with my kiddos.  There are so many great ways you can use this site to teach literacy skills.  Dialogue is one of my least favorite skills to teach, but this site made it so much fun.  Check out this kid’s hilarious comic strip:

I’ll be back to link up with Nikki again on Friday with a techie tip and a freebie!  You can link up with her here.:)


  1. I love all of these! And I'm still jealous that you have iPads in the classroom!! (We were supposed to get some this year but that never happened. I'll come to you when it does!!) I love these QR codes- I need to learn more!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Beware- QR Codes are addictive LOL! Seriously, I became obsessed the more I learned and the more I used them.

  2. I totally love RAZ-kids too! This is the first year we have had it in the upper grades, and it is very motivating. They love to listen to books. Isn't technology great!


    1. Hey Emily! I would love to have you stop by my blog and link up! I am sure there is something wonderful you could share!
      Sent From My iPad

  3. Hey!!! Thanks so much for linking up and please don't apologize for being late. I am just happy to have you linking up and sharing your ideas. I couldn't agree more about the QR Codes, I am also obsessed, addicted, infatuated, in love with, etc, you get the point haha QR Codes. I will definitely be checking out your TPT QR Code activities. They look awesome! I love reading a-z and use the projectable books all of the time on the laptop but cannot get my account to work on the iPad app. Did you have to do something special or create another account? The Web 2.0 tool made me giggle the comics are so ridiculous but kids would LOVE it. I just downloaded Comic Life for iPad and can't wait to use it and post a blog about it soon! Thanks again for linking up and can't wait to see your post on Friday!

  4. Hmm.. I had no problem keeping my same account and I didn't do anything special. Sorry I'm no help to you! Excited to read your post about Comic Life.

  5. I LOVE your QR code task cards! If you ever make some on 2nd grade level, be sure to post them, b/c I will definitely buy them! :)

    How many iPads do you have in your classroom? We have a cart that our whole hallway shares (4 2nd grade classes & 5 3rd grade classes), and it's awesome, but it would be so great to have more!

    I also love Raz Kids and Reading A-Z. Does your district pay for the subscriptions, or do you pay for your own?

    HAPPY 3-day weekend!

    Teach On.

    1. Thank you! I hope to make many more as I am pretty addicted. We have 5 iPads for our classroom and all of my kids have their own laptop as well, so we are very lucky. The district pays for the subscriptions, which is very nice. Thanks for stopping by.:)