Techie Cause/Effect Center Ideas (and a Freebie)

Looking for more exciting ways to practice cause/effect that incorporate technology?  I’m sharing a couple centers I’ve used recently during Daily 5 that my kiddos really enjoyed. 

Kidspiration has two great cause/effect templates that students can choose from—several causes, one effect or one cause, several effects.  I had my fourth graders complete these with their independent reading books during read to self. 


They also made up their own mystery QR code cause/effect situations on their laptops.  I put a PowerPoint template up on my classroom website so they could easily download it and type in either a cause or an effect.  Then they typed the “mystery” cause or effect into the plain text box on this QR code generator website and dragged the QR code onto the missing side. 

When they were finished, they got to trade with their shoulder partner and guess each other’s mystery cause or effect.  We passed around the iPads so they could scan the QR codes on the laptops to check their answers.  So much fun!:) 

Here’s a little freebie cause/effect template I used in my guided reading groups while the kids read their Raz Kids leveled readers on the iPads. 


And here’s an anchor chart I referenced while teaching about signal words.


  1. Cute ideas Krisin! I really like using Kidspiration, I'm going to have to try it for cause & effect! I also need to look into Raz on the iPads. I don't use it very much b/c I'm piloting a reading program, but most of our teachers do. This would be great for them rather than printing all those books out! Glad I jumped on blogger instead of doing my report cards :P Enjoy your day off!
    The Connected Teacher

  2. I love this, Kristin! I have been looking for a "techie" way to teach Cause and Effect. Thanks for sharing!
    The Techie Teacher

  3. Love this! We teach Cause and Effect as well. It will be so nice to have an extra center to use during this unit. QR codes make everything more exciting for my little second graders.

    Your newest follower and collaborator on Technology Tailgate,

    ❁ Kate
    Purely Paperless