Linking Up With Love (Valentine’s Day Freebies)

I’m linking up with Tessa from Tales from Outside the Classroom for her linky that’s all about love.

Some people I’m loving are:

My hubby—I’m excited to celebrate three years of marital bliss this coming March!:)

My little cuddle bug, Cooper.  He counts as a person, right?!

 Some things I’m loving are:

How cute are these place mats and this towel/pot holder set?!  I love buying new seasonal decorations for my house and Home Goods has got it going on right now, I have to say.
I love the fact that I woke up to snow today.. even though it meant I had to drive to work in this:

My kids are I are loving QR codes, as I have mentioned about a million times already on here.  I just made a prime and composite number sort for Valentine’s Day that they can check with a QR code scanner.  It’s so nice for them to be able to self-check their answers so I can stay busy working with students during math centers. You can grab it for FREE by clicking the image.
I also have an even and odd version.  (Click the image to get it for FREE.)
Looking for something sweet that you can use all year round?  

Here's a set of task cards that students solve and then sort to help them master the various ways of showing multiplication.
It comes with these posters, which you can keep up all year round. 

Be sure to link up what you're loving right now with Tessa:

Techie Cause/Effect Center Ideas (and a Freebie)

Looking for more exciting ways to practice cause/effect that incorporate technology?  I’m sharing a couple centers I’ve used recently during Daily 5 that my kiddos really enjoyed. 

Kidspiration has two great cause/effect templates that students can choose from—several causes, one effect or one cause, several effects.  I had my fourth graders complete these with their independent reading books during read to self. 


They also made up their own mystery QR code cause/effect situations on their laptops.  I put a PowerPoint template up on my classroom website so they could easily download it and type in either a cause or an effect.  Then they typed the “mystery” cause or effect into the plain text box on this QR code generator website and dragged the QR code onto the missing side. 

When they were finished, they got to trade with their shoulder partner and guess each other’s mystery cause or effect.  We passed around the iPads so they could scan the QR codes on the laptops to check their answers.  So much fun!:) 

Here’s a little freebie cause/effect template I used in my guided reading groups while the kids read their Raz Kids leveled readers on the iPads. 


And here’s an anchor chart I referenced while teaching about signal words.

Tech tip and QR Code Freebies

I’m back to link up Thursday’s tech tip and Friday’s freebie as part of Nikki’s technology linky.
Have you ever noticed AirDrop (with the little parachute icon) in your Mac’s Finder?  If you and anyone in your close vicinity are in AirDrop at the same time, everyone’s computer will show up and you can “drop” files to one another.  Anytime I want to quickly share or receive a file from a colleague or student, I use AirDrop now instead of Dropbox or email.  It’s super quick and easy and no set up is required since it’s already on your computer.
I mentioned in my previous post that my kiddos have been obsessed with QR codes lately.  So I made this 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication tick-tack-toe game for them to do in centers.  And since I don’t want to leave my primary friends out, I also made an addition version.:)  (Graphics by Fancy Dog Studio.)  Click to grab it for FREE. 

Technology Linky

Even though I’m super late to this party, I still really wanted to link up with Nikki from Sent From My iPad for her technology linky

My #1 must-have app is the Raz Kids app, which I use daily in guided reading.  I absolutely love their selection of nonfiction books and my kids seem so much more engaged just because they get to read on the iPads.  Go figure!
I have recently become fascinated with QR codes and have had my students completing QR code task cards in math centers.  My kids have always enjoyed task cards, but now that I put QR codes on them, they are OBSESSED and keep begging me to do them.  I love that they are able to self-check their answers with the iPads and get immediate feedback.  Here's one of my girls checking her work with the QR scanner app.

These are the task cards I have completed so far if anyone’s interested.  Clicking the images will take you to my store.  I am hoping to make more in the coming weeks since we have so many skills to review this time of year!

Here are my top 5 pieces of technology I couldn’t live without:
1. My Android cell phone
2. My MacBook Air (and my students’ MacBooks since we’re on them constantly)
3. My SMARTBoard
4. Our classroom iPads
5. My camera

The newest Web 2.0 tool I’ve tried and loved is Make Believe Comix.  My friend Kate wrote a post about this site back in June that inspired me to try it with my kiddos.  There are so many great ways you can use this site to teach literacy skills.  Dialogue is one of my least favorite skills to teach, but this site made it so much fun.  Check out this kid’s hilarious comic strip:

I’ll be back to link up with Nikki again on Friday with a techie tip and a freebie!  You can link up with her here.:)