Strategies for Figuring Out Unknown Words (Freebies)

Here’s another reading freebie for you, which I used in guided reading this week.  We’ve been practicing using various strategies to figure out unknown words using our Raz Kids leveled books.  Here are my kiddos filling out their graphic organizers with their definition of each unknown word they came across, the strategy they used to figure it out, and whether they were correct or not.  (They looked up their words in the glossary or a dictionary and if they were incorrect, they wrote the actual definition.)

Click either image to grab the graphic organizer and bookmarks for free.:)


  1. I love RAZ kid readers, too. Thanks for the freebie. I found you through the Manic Monday linky party.
    Michelle @ Teach123

  2. Thank you! I am moving up to 3rd with more than half the class and I needed some new materials.