Student Keynote Presentations Using the Voice Recording Feature

My fourth graders recently went on a fieldtrip to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago as part of our animal unit in science.  The zoo offered three amazing classes, so I split my class into thirds and each student got to attend one class.  Then they worked in groups to present what they learned using a jigsaw method. 

Since they were using Keynote, I made sure to snap a bunch of photos while at the zoo for them to use in their presentations.  After the kids filled out the graphic organizer and packet from their particular class, they began meeting with their groups to discuss their info and come up with a plan for their presentation. 

My favorite feature of Keynote is the “Record Slideshow” button, which lets you record your voice to correlate with each slide.  Did you even know it was there?!  I didn’t until my teammate pointed it out to me!  To get it in your toolbar, you go to VIEW, then CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR.  When you see the little black and red button that says “Record Slideshow,” drag it into your toolbar.  Your toolbar will look like this (the record button is on the left next to the PLAY button).

My students loved the voice recording because it allowed them to practice what they wanted to say and perfect their presentation before showing it to the class.  The shy students were especially relieved to not have to speak in front of everyone. 

We did our final presentations for our first grade reading buddies.  They were so respectful and loved learning from their fourth grade buddies—we even had a question/answer session for them!      

Here’s a picture of one of my girls getting ready to record into Keynote.

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