Integrating Technology into Science

In preparation for our unit test on plants, I had my students watch a couple of videos on their laptops and type up a response in Pages.  The processes of pollination and photosynthesis were two of the most important (and complicated!) ideas in the unit and I wanted to make sure my students thoroughly understood them. 

I searched online and found a video on each process and inserted them into a Pages document for my students to download from my classroom website.  I only recently found out how to do this!  You simply download a video (I did it in Quicktime) and drag it from your desktop into the Pages document.  Underneath each video I typed “Describe the process of pollination/photosynthesis in your own words” so that my students could type their responses in the same document.

I liked this method of “studying” because the kids could work at their own pace and pause/replay the videos as needed.  I also believe that anytime we ask our students to explain something in their own words, it really enhances their understanding of the concept.

There has been a lot of talk lately about “flipping the classroom” and I thought this might be a good way to begin.  Since my students are allowed to take home their laptops, this method could potentially work very well for my classroom.  I especially like the fact that an internet connection is not needed to watch a video in Pages (since some of my students don’t have internet at home).  Anyone out there have experience/ideas with flipping your classroom?  I would LOVE to hear from you!:)

Here are some other photos taken in the past couple of weeks during our plant unit:

We learned about germination with a lima bean experiment.  We kept an observation journal and took notes each day. 

Then we completed this Kidspiration scientific method activity based off of our experiment. 

We wrote journal entries about our field trip to a plant conservatory in Penzu.  (You can read my recent post about Penzu here.)

What are some ways you integrate tech into science? 

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