Teaching Internet Safety

Illinois state law requires school districts to teach internet safety.  Whether it’s the law or not, I’m sure all of us teach internet safety to our students in one form or another.  Last week, I had my students complete a “Rules of the Road” course on PBS Kids.  It’s a self-guided course/test (which can also be done whole group) for which students earn an official “PBS Kids Web License.” 

I compared surfing the net to driving a car and stressed to the kids that they are the ones behind the wheel.  Just like we need a driver’s licenses to drive a car to prove we know the rules of the road, they need a web license to show they know how to surf the net safely. 

If you teach younger kids, I recommend doing the course whole group, but the older ones can do it on their own.  It took my 4th graders about 10-15 minutes and once they were finished, their official web license popped up.  To save paper, I copied the license image (4 to a page) ahead of time for my students to fill out once they completed their test.  You can grab mine below by clicking the image.

Here are a couple sample questions.  If a child gets an answer incorrect, it explains why that’s not the best choice and guides them to answer it correctly.  So basically, no one can fail the test.;) 

How do YOU teach internet safety?


  1. THANK YOU so so much for this!!!!! I am definitely going to use this whole group with little ones! It looks perfect!!!!! :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. That's awesome. I like the simplicity of it. Our school uses BrainPop's Internet safety video.


  3. We are using Common Sense Media's Digital Passport lessons. They have been really powerful and my kids worked all this week on creating a blog post to teach others. I would like for them to try this too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is a great resource! I will have to add it to my list for next year :) Ohio has the same law and I just taught about Internet Safety this week. Here are my favorite resources: Internet Safety

    EduKate and Inspire

  5. I just did this today. Thank you for including a printout of the licenses!