Listen to Reading Response Using an Online Chatroom

One of my students’ favorite Daily 5 centers is Listen to Reading.  I linked two awesome FREE sites to my classroom website—Storyline Online and Read to Me.  Both sites have celebrities reading aloud children’s books.  When they are finished, I always have my students complete some type of response depending on the skill/strategy we’re learning about that week. 

One of their favorite ways to respond is using Today’s Meet, which is a private online chatroom.  All I have to do to set it up is go to and enter a name for my room.  Then I can choose how long I want the data to be saved (anywhere from two hours up to one year).  Once the room is created, it generates a web address which I link to my classroom website.  Then I post a question or discussion topic and all the students have to do to respond is type their first name and click join.  Once they type in a response, it shows up with their name, date, and time.  No email address or login info is required to set up a chatroom, which is why I love Today’s Meet. 

Here is a screen shot of my students’ responses when we were practicing summarizing a few weeks ago.

How else might you use Today’s Meet in your classroom? 

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