Tell Me More Linky

I’m excited to be joining Amy Lemons’ fun linky today to share a little bit about myself, quirks and all!  Here we go:

1. The hubs and I have been married for two years (together for 8) and there hasn’t been a single dull moment.  He is such a goofball and makes me laugh so hard every day.  He reminds me so much of Phil Dunphy from Modern Family and even likes to use many of his phrases.  I am totally a Claire, and I like to think that we balance each other out.
2. I brought this little angel into our marriage and he is love of our my life.  I know my husband loves him deep down, but he’s a BIG troublemaker.   That’s why this picture of him is so ironic—there’s nothing angelic about my Cooper.  But I wouldn’t trade him for the world because he’s brought so much joy to our lives and definitely keeps things interesting. 

3. I am completely and utterly terrified of opening up crescent roll packages.  My husband has to do it for me every time and I literally have to leave the room. 
4. I have been friends with my BFF since we were toddlers.  We grew up across the street from each other and have always been like sisters.  She was my maid of honor and has always been there for me.  I love her to pieces.
5. I LOVE to snow ski.  I have been skiing since I was 2 years old and won a national competition when I was 6.  Here is a picture of the hubs and I on our Honeymoon at Squaw Valley (Lake Tahoe).  We've agreed that if we ever make it big, a house out there will be our first big purchase.  A girl can dream, right?!
6. I am OBSESSED with the show Friends and own all 11 seasons on DVD.  I know, I know—it’s 2012, but I still think it’s the best show that’s ever been on the air.  During the school year, my nightly ritual is watching an episode or two before bed to relax me.
7. I do NOT like chocolate.  I don’t know what planet I came from, but I’ve just never enjoyed it.  I’d rather have something salty and fried for dessert, like cheese fries or chips.;)

8. My husband and I are extreme DIYers and would love to have our own reality show.  We bought a fixer upper home three years ago because we found a good deal in a nice neighborhood and could feel the potential.  In three years, we did a complete tear off roof, gutted and redid the kitchen and first floor, redid the basement and fireplace, gutted and redid a bathroom, installed new hardwood floors, painted every room, and put in new doors and trim throughout the house. Oh, we also paid to have carpet installed on the top and bottom floors.  When I look at before pictures of our house, I can barely recognize it.  NOTHING is the same except the other two bathrooms, which the previous owners redid a few years ago.  It was a ton of work, but we love the end result and the fact that it feels like "our" home.  Here are some fun before and after pics.
kitchen before- don't you love my popcorn ceiling and hand-painted vines?!
kitchen after
fireplace before- can you tell the house was built in the 70s?
fireplace after
bathroom before- eek!
bathroom after (can't see in this pic, but the toilet is tucked in to the right of the sink)


  1. Oh my gosh! Where have you been the past few weeks of my life! My husband and I just "finished" remodeling our house (there's still more I'd like to do)! Same deal - affordable house, great neighborhood, soooo much potential! Your house looks GREAT!!

    Delightfully Dunn

  2. You could be showcased on HGTV! Isn't it funny how pets can look so innocent, especially after they just got into trouble?

    Teaching Special Kids

    1. Thanks, Mary. Yes, they always look the cutest when they're in trouble.:)

  3. I have the exact same fear about crescent rolls! ;) Who would have thought that little container could be so scary?! You home improvements look awesome, by the way!

    EduKate and Inspire

  4. I am obsessed with Friends too! I really do think they are my real Friends sometimes. I'm a little crazy I know! Your remodeled rooms look amazing!

  5. I found you on the Tell me More Linky! I love that you are do it yourselfers! Your house looks great! Come check out my blog!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  6. DUDE! Your house looks AMAZING! Did you both do a lot of it? That's incredibly impressive. Love your kitchen. We too have lots and lots of popcorn ceilings in our house... actually I'm pretty sure EVERY ceiling is popcorn. And I loved the crescent roll picture- ITS SO TRUE! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!

  7. Thanks, Amanda. Yes, we did ALL of it ourselves, including a complete tear off roof. I was even up there tearing off shingles. Haha! My hubby is very handy and his dad helped with a lot of it.

  8. Hi Kristin! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm now your newest follower. I love your DIY pictures, my fiance and I are currently updating our house too (which also is so 70's...have to love those colored toilets!!!) love your blog and I will be looking forward to your posts!

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog!! Your home renovations are AWESOME!!! WOW!! My husband and I love to redo our home too and I have posted pics of our living room and porch redo so far. I had to laugh about your shopping trip with your husband. Mine is the same way too!! We have 2 kids now and he is almost worse than them. If we have to buy clothes for him, I have to make sure I give him special attention (Ok, go try those on, honey...) hehe! Looking forward to being blogging friends:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too am afraid to open those crescent roll packages! I'm always afraid of the loud popping that [sometimes] occurs! And your home renos are amazing!
    Teaching in Valley

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wanted to say I LOVE the before and after pictures of your house...great work! =)

  12. I love your fear of crescent rolls. Hilarious! Those packages really do pop though, so I totally understand. Your remodel pictures are amazing! You two are inspiring. I was just proud that I painted one of my rooms. You have to send those pictures into a DIY magazine. Seriously! I'm sure you would get published. Squaw Valley is incredible so I can see why you would want to live there. My cousin just moved to Truckee, so I'm hoping to vacation in the area soon and I'm also obsessed with Friends. Did you hear they are FINALLY coming out with all the seasons on blu-ray?!? I can't wait!

    The Teaching Thief