Today's Meet- An Online Chatroom for Students

Have you had the chance to use Today’s Meet with your students yet?  It is, in my opinion, one of the easiest Web 2.0 tools to get students using those higher-order thinking skills.  I love using Today’s Meet because it’s very informal and there isn’t the hassle of signing up with an email address or assigning students usernames and passwords.

You simply go to and enter a name for your room.  Then you click to indicate how long the data will be saved (anywhere from two hours up to one year).  Once you click “Create Room,” it will generate a web address, which you can link to your classroom webpage or simply write on the board for students to copy.  Once you have posted a question or discussion topic, all the students have to do to respond is type their first name, click join and start typing away. 
Today’s Meet always makes for a good reading center.  You may have students read or listen to a story and then respond with a summary, prediction or general response to their favorite part.  You may use it in the content areas to have students demonstrate their learning of a certain topic and even use it as an informal assessment.  The possibilities are endless! 

Today’s Meet is a great way to hold students accountable for their learning and really engage in conversations with one another (especially the ones that are hesitant about volunteering).   Since anyone in the class can respond multiple times, you might get students posing questions and learning from one another. 

A neat closure activity might be to display the entire discussion on your Smart Board to look at together.  Today’s Meet can be used on computers and iPads anywhere you have an internet connection, and it can be used with any age group.  My first graders had no problems using it and absolutely loved sharing with one another online!

Please share how you have used Today’s Meet in your classroom or how you plan on using it.


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