Newbie Blogger

After spending the past few months checking out all the awesome resources on blogs I’ve found through Pinterest, I got inspired to start my own blog.  I have lots of ideas I want to share about how I’ve integrated technology in the past few years, especially in my experience with 1:1.  But first, here’s a little background info on me…

I taught fifth grade for one year and first grade for three years, and I am thrilled to be starting this coming school year in a 1:1 fourth grade classroom.  I spent this past year piloting 1:1 Macbooks with my first graders and can't wait to see what my fourth graders can accomplish with these amazing devices.  Oh, did I mention our class will also be getting a few iPads to add to the collection?!

I realize not many classrooms out there are 1:1 yet, but if you have any form of technology in your classroom, I’m confident you’ll get something out of my tech tips.  I can’t wait to start blogging about my successes and failures with implementing technology, 1:1 and teaching in general and I am excited to pick up some new ideas from all the amazing teachers out there in bloggy land!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!


  1. Hi! I'm curious to know where you teach. My school is an Apple 1:1 school for 5th-8th grade and Kinder to 4th are all iPod touch equipped. We are a very big school 1,000 students in So Cal. I was just wondering about the 1:1 in first grade since I think that would be fabulous. Welcome to the blogging world :)

  2. I teach in a suburb of Chicago. We are going 100% 1:1 K-8 this year! I believe K is going to be iPads and the rest MacBooks at my school. 1:1 in primary is unbelievable. I can't imagine going back to the old way. Thanks for your comment.